Organise Framework is a project initiated at the Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg. It aims to develop an abstraction layer to the hierarchical file system using Semantic Web technology.

Key Technologies

Automated File Management / Path Projection

Using the knowledge management features of Semantic Web ontologies file system paths can be computed from RDF Metadata. The technique called Path Projection enables schematic file management the way applications like iTunes or Amarok handle audio files - only in a generic manner.

Semantic Classification

A Semantic Indexer extracts metadata from files into a RDF Store. Classifiers match those information against Semantic Web ontologies. In this way the contents of a hierarchical file system can automatically be categorized. The highest ranking classification is chosen by the system for Path Projection.


Organise Framework is now Semiodesk.

2nd December 2014

Semiodesk | Everything connects.

It's been a while since the last post on this site.. ;) Many things have changed since then. Our project goal, namely building a 'smart' file mangement platform for desktop use is being pursued by our own company named Semiodesk. In order to reach as many people as possible, we have switched to developing our platform with .NET / Mono and we are developing the user interface for Windows!

The new platform and application concept has been in the making for over three years now and is already pretty mature. In preparation for the upcoming release of the end-user software in the second quater next year, we are proud to announce that our Semantic Web development platform for .NET is about to be open sourced! Stay tuned and visit us at semiodesk.com!

Thank you, Sebastian and NEPOMUK-KDE team!

25th June 2009

NEPOMUK, KDE Semantic Desktop

Last weekend Sebastian Faubel attended the NEPOMUK KDE Coding Sprint. Feedback was generally positive and we agreed to share technology with the KDE project. Thanks to everybody for the great time!

Thank you, David & City of Largo employees!

26th May 2009

City of Largo, Florida

Two weeks ago, Sebastian Faubel and Moritz Eberl were visiting the City of Largo IT department in Florida. We got very positive feedback from city employees to the presentation of our current user interface design & concept. The second presentation showing the file management features of the upcoming Python version of Organise Framework received great interest from the local IT staff.

David Richards, author of the book Linux Thin Client Design and Deployment, gave us a tour and insights into the cities thin client infrastructure which is best described by the word: amazing. We had great time visiting the local police station and smoky BBQ places! Thanks to everybody for giving us such a great time!!

Organise in Florida!

22nd February 2009

City of Largo, Florida

In May, Sebastian Faubel will be visiting the City of Largo in Florida. Special thanks to David Richards for the invitation! At the GNOME GUI Hackfest 2008 in Boston, Dave gave a impressive presentation about his experiences with a 500+ Linux thin-client deployment for the local government-run facilities. Yes folks, there are over 750 people using Linux every day!

Participating at Long Night of Sciences!

20th January 2009

Organise Framework will be presented at the Long Night of Sciences in Nuremberg on 24th October 2009. There will be a lot going on until then - stay tuned!

Thank you, Folks at University of Vienna!

19th January 2009

Last Friday, Christian Kuschel and Sebastian Faubel presented the Organise Semantic Desktop concept to the people at the Department of Distributed and Multimedia Systems. Thanks to Bernhard Schandl for the invitation. We took the chance to spend a weekend in Vienna, mostly drinking "großen Braunen" in the famous coffee houses.. :)

Thank you, DFKI Folks!

19th December 2008

Deutsches Forschungszentrum für künstliche Intelligenz GmbH

Yesterday Sebastian Faubel presented Organise Path Projection to the scientists at the DFKI. He received very valuable feedback from Dr. rer. nat. Ansgar Bernardi (NEPOMUK Coordinator), Dr. Heiko Maus and Leo Sauermann. Sebastian Faubel will cooperate with DFKI employees on the development of Organise Framework technologies and concepts.

Organise in Vienna

27th November 2008

In january, Sebastian Faubel will visit the University of Vienna, Faculty for Computer Science. He will discuss our concepts with Bernhard Schandl, who has created a very interesting project called SemDAV.

Organise at the DFKI

17th November 2008

Deutsches Forschungszentrum für künstliche Intelligenz GmbH

Organise will be presented at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to Leo Sauermann for the invitation.

ISWC 2008: Best Student Poster and Demonstration Award!

30th October 2008

International Semantic Web Conference 2008

The conference was attended by approx. 180 (Ph.D.) Students. This is a big honor for us. Todays keynote was titled "How can the semantic web community be more convincing?". Well, the most asked question at our demonstration was: "Where can I download this?"

Mark Shuttleworth blogs Organise

25th October 2008

Canonical & Ubuntu

Today Mark Shuttleworth blogged about Organise Framework:

"..but I think the most interesting piece wasn't really possible to capture in a screenshot because it's abstract and conceptual - file and content management. There's a revolution coming as we throw out the old "files and folders" metaphor and leap to something new, and it would be phenomenal if free software were leading the way."

Whole Article..

Thank you, GNOME Folks!

13th October 2008

International Semantic Web Conference 2008

The GNOME GUI Hackfest and Boston Summit 2008 are over. It has been a very fascinating and productive week. Thank you Cosimo Cecchi, Mirco Müller and Natan Yellin for offering support for our project!

New Mockups online!

Attending GNOME GUI Hackfest 2008

24th September 2008

International Semantic Web Conference 2008

The GNOME Foundation invited Sebastian Faubel to the GNOME GUI Hackfest and Boston Summit 2008. He intends to introduce GNOME developers to the main concepts and challenges behind our proposed desktop architecture. The presentation slides will be published here soon. Many thanks to Federico Mena Quintero for his efforts!


We are currently in the process of revising our research material. More detailed information about the above mentioned methods and techniques will be published on this website . Meanwhile interested readers find a short introduction lecture in our paper submission to the International Semantic Web Conferece 2008.

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